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Access Platform Hire From £41.60 Per Week

Access Platform Hire

Looking for Access Platform Hire? Hire Desk is proud to offer a comprehensive range of access platforms backed by our expert team of IPAF and PASMA accredited staff.

Our range includes scissor lifts and cherry pickers powered by either electric or diesel motors. You can count on our powered access fleet to provide the solution to your working at height needs. Looking for a solution to your working at height needs? count on us! Our range includes scissor lifts and cherry pickers powered by either electric or diesel motors. We have what you need, when it’s needed most.

Working at height is the new frontier for any contractor. Whether you need to install some roof trusses, work on an angel investor’s private jet deck or just want us gone so your family can finally get back inside their house – we’ve got what it takes! Our team has both cherry pickers AND scissor lifts available in order solve all kinds of problems that arise when working up there; no job too big nor small with our wide range equipment including powered access tables/lifts etc.

We’re here to solve all your working at height needs. Our fleet of powered access equipment includes scissor lifts and cherry pickers driven by either electric or diesel motors, so we have what you need no matter how tall the job is! Our registered company will always ready to help you in working on a high.

Our powered access equipment offers safe, easy and quick access for working at range of indoor and outdoor heights and for all types of installation and maintenance work. We offer a wide range of powered access equipment that will make working at height and in tight spaces easy. The speed with which these tools can be deployed makes them ideal for quick repairs, too!

Access Platform Hire needn’t be expensive. Hire Desk offer competitive hire rates on a wide range of access platforms. Need delivery quickly? No problem, we can get a powered access machine on site to you the very next day.

Sometimes a scaffold tower isn’t ideal, or you need to lift heavy equipment at a height taller than the average tower. In such a circumstance a powered access platforms is the best choice. Powered access platforms provide a safe, reliable way to work at heights that are too high for scaffold towers. They can be used in all sorts of situations where it would otherwise not make sense – from installing cabinets up high on your kitchen wall or moving heavy equipment off site by yourself!

Unsure which machine to choose? Call our IPAF trained team and they can give you the necessary advice so you can make an informed decision on the best Access Platform to suit your needs.

Before every hire, we safety check, inspect and fully clean all our access stock, ensuring customer satisfaction and safety. Here at Hire Desk, user safety is our top priority. Hiring at Hire Desk is safe, secure and efficient. We take pride in our commitment to customer satisfaction by ensuring that all access stock comes with a full safety check before being shipped out for use by your business or home project!

For all Access Platform Hire enquiries, be sure to give our hire desk a call today on 0808 115 1064.

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