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DIY Scaffold Tower From £41.60 Per Week

DIY Scaffold Tower

If you’re working at height sometimes a ladder just doesn’t cut it. If you need to span across a large area, it can be very time consuming and impeding to constantly move a ladder. If you need to span across a large area, it can be very time consuming and impeding. This is where scaffolding comes into play! Scaffolds make working at height much easier by giving workers access from all angles without ever having move their ladder or climb up on furniture every few minutes

In such a circumstance, you need a platform to work from. A scaffold tower hire is the answer. Hiring a aluminium towers at a platform height to suit you, is a hassle free solution to the problem. Hiring a diy aluminium scaffold tower for your next project is the answer. You can easily get one to suit any height, and there’s no hassle involved in getting it set up!

You can safely carry out your tasks quickly and safely. Mobile scaffolding are on wheels, plenty of maneuverability when working on a large area. The mobile scaffolding can be easily moved to any area that needs work done on it. This way, you are able carry out your tasks quickly and safely while staying away from dangerous objects like ropes or other people who might accidently wander into the workspace!

Scaffolding can be costly. If you have never used one before, or only need one for a few jobs, buying one maybe too expensive.

Hiring a diy aluminium scaffold tower however, is not as expensive as you might think. For a DIY Scaffold Tower solution, hire from Hire Desk today.

Specialists in a wide range of access equipment, Hire Desk offer discount hire rates on all DIY Scaffold Tower, with a next day delivery service available. Speak to one of our PASMA trained hire desk team, they will be happy to help you find the right diy scaffold towers for the job.

You don’t need to be an expert to use one of our scaffolding. With detailed instructions and color coded components, our towers are exactly the right equipment and very easy to assemble and perfect for the capable ‘DIY’ attitude kind of person.

Our scaffolding towers are the perfect solution for anyone who is interested in building their own platform. The instructions are easy to follow and there’s no need of an expert because each part has been colour coded braces so you can easily put everything together without any hassle!

You can build your own platform and get the perfect scaffolding tower to make sure that everything is safe. The instructions are easy enough for anyone who wants them, there’s no need of an expert because each part has been colour coded braces so you’ll never have trouble putting it all together!

All our stock is safety checked and fully cleaned, ensuring customer satisfaction and safety. Our DIY Scaffold Tower is perfect for both the commercial and domestic customer. We provide the same discount hire rates and low cost scaffolding tower to all new and existing customers and give them the right scaffolding tower hire prices. If you want to make sure your construction site is safe, our company provides the best scaffold. We check each one for safety and cleanliness before delivery so that customers can enjoy a worry-free experience when hiring them at competitive rates!

You don’t need to open a large corporate account, or be a regular hirer. Give Hire Desk a call today or hire online. You could take delivery of a scaffolding tower as soon as tomorrow morning!

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