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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long will it take to receive delivery?
A. We work on a guaranteed next day delivery. If you’re working on a commercial site with a book-in slot we endeavour to meet this. If you need an AM delivery please advise us of this when booking.

Q. Do you hire Aluminium Scaffold Tower outside London?
A. Yes, we now can deliver our Aluminium Towers to most of Southern England, the Midlands, Manchester, Liverpool and Yorkshire. Please call us to see if your area is covered.

Q. Wow your prices are incredible, can I open an account with you?
A. You can download our Account Forms here. Fax them back to us with your company letterhead and we’ll set your account up for you, conditions apply.

Q. What is your minimum Aluminium scaffold tower hire period?
A. 1 week, but we can collect prior to the week ending.

Q. Can you supply stairway tower?
A. Yes. This is 1 meter wide so please check you have enough width on you stairwell. This isn’t suitable for domestic properties.

Q. Does it come with stabilisers and toe boards?
A. Yes it comes complete with all the manufacturers recommended components.

Q. Do you erect the Aluminium Scaffold towers?
A. No, sorry we’re not insured to. The scaffold tower does come with an easy to follow user guide.

Q. I need to reach 6 meters (example) what platform height would you suggest?
A. The height you need to reach or “the working height” is generally considered to be 2meters above the platform height. So in this instance you may consider a 4m “platform height” tower to reach a 6 meter “working height”. Consider also the work you are doing, for many reasons you may not wish to work at full stretch or may need to work at waist height, so order a 5 meter platform height tower (or you may be short:-).

Q. How are your rates so low?
A. We don’t pay a full time sales team to annoy you with unsolicited sales calls, or any fat cats with their big city bonuses. Low cost business, low cost hire, quality equipment.

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