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Fencing Hire

Fencing Hire

Hire Desk is a specialist in a wide range of temporary fencing for all purposes. Whether you need to secure a construction sites, protect the public from groundworks, or manage pedestrians at an event, we have the right temporary fence for the job. Hire Desk has the perfect tripod fence for your next project. We can supply and install fences at any size or design, so get in touch if you need something big enough to keep construction workers out but not too high that it blocks views of passing traffic on a busy road!

The right fence for the job! Hire Desk can supply and install a wide range of temporary fences, so if you need something big enough to keep construction workers out but not too high that it blocks views on passing traffic or pedestrians at an event then get in touch with us. We’ve got just what your looking for – from simple tripods up through elevated barriers with all sorts a cool features like subways below ground level (for added protection), self-supporting bridges across ditches hundreds feet long…you name it we’ll put together some nice pieces of kit fold them into place quickly.

Buying fencing, especially in large quantities is very expensive. This is not always commercially viable; therefore you need a cheaper solution. Fencing Hire at a discount rate found here at Hire Desk, means you get the fence panels you need at a price which is affordable. When it comes to buying fencing, especially in large quantities the price can be very high. This is not always commercially viable which means you need a cheaper solution for your project- Fencing Hire at Discount rate found here on hire desk will get panels substitute any size or style needed with affordable rates!

Here are just some of the varieties of temporary fence available for hire.

Temporary Fencing Hire

Our most popular fence panel, these Temporary Fence Panels are ideal for secure barrier for  a construction project or protecting the public. Made from strong lightweight material, these panels can form a barrier very quickly. These temporary fence panels are a popular choice for public installations. Made from lightweight material, they can quickly form an impenetrable barrier to protect you during construction projects or other times when security is needed!

Pedestrian Barrier Hire

Pedestrian Barriers are ideal for keeping the public safe on a construction site or event. Lightweight and tough, these panels easily fit together and can form a large barrier quickly.

Plastic Safety Barrier Hire

Similar to Pedestrian Barriers, these Plastic Safety Barriers are ideal for keeping the public safe from dangerous hazards. Their bright orange colour makes them stand out during the day and at night, no matter the weather.

Steel Site Hoarding Hire

If you are working on a project where security and privacy are key factors, then Steel Site Hoarding could provide you with all the obvious solutions.

Fencing Hire Nationwide

If you’re looking for low cost Fencing Hire then give our trained team at Hire Desk a call. We will be happy to help you find the right temporary fencing for the job.

You don’t need to be a business owner or a commercial customer to hire from us. We welcome both the commercial and domestic customer. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner, we can help your company with the perfect voice. You don’t need to be a commercial customer in order for us provide services tailored specifically towards entrepreneurs like yourself!

With depots all over the UK, we can supply fencing nationwide the very next day. Order before 3pm today and you can take delivery as soon as tomorrow morning.

For a hassle free fencing solution, give us a call on 0808 115 1064 or order online for Fencing Hire.

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