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Lift Hire Nationwide

Lifting Gear Hire

Hire Desk is a specialist in a wide range of lifting equipment for all purposes. Whether you need to hoist heavy material at height, extract material from the ground, or transport heavy goods, we have the right lifting equipment for the job. Whether you need to hoist heavy material at height, extract it from the ground or transport large goods Hire Desk has got your back. We specialize in a wide range of lifting equipment for all purposes and will be sure have what is needed no matter how big or small!

No job is too tough for Hire Desk! We have the perfect lifting powered access equipment to get any task done. Whether you need a crane, forklift truck or maybe even an aerial platform – we got your back no matter what type of material needs loading up onto it and then being lowered into place- because let’s face it: nothing beats power when getting things done right? This company specializes in many types og lifters including ones specifically designed so they can be used at different heights depending on whether there’s ground below them needing extraction/insertion.

Buying specialist lifting equipment can be very expensive. This is not always commercially viable for just one or two uses; therefore you need a cheaper solution. You can get a lot of value for your money when buying specialist lifting equipment. Buying something like this could be too expensive, especially if you only need it once or twice; there needs to exist an option that’s less costly! Lifting Hire at a discount rate found here at Hire Desk, means you get the tools you need at a price which is affordable. Rather than spending thousands on heavy-duty powered access equipment that you’ll only need once or twice per year, why not buy lighter duty items like lifting hire from Hire Desk? We offer great prices and excellent service.

You can’t afford to buy specialist lifting equipment every time you need it. That’s why we offer great prices and excellent service! Lifting Hire at an affordable rate found here, means that instead of spending thousands on heavy duty items only used once or twice per year – get lighter Darby / Henderson powered access equipment for much less cost with our company–we’ve got what your business needs when they really count most: saving money while providing quality products without compromising customer satisfaction.

Here are just some of our popular hoists and lifting tools available for hire.

Electric Chain Hoist Hire

The 500kg / 6m Electric Chain Hoist is designed to take the hard work out of raising and lowering heavy loads. This system is fitted with a grade 80 chain, and is powered by a 110v supply; this system is suitable for continuous lifting operations.

Adjustable Fork Lift Jib Hire

The Fork Lift Jib 3 Tonne Adjustable specification is a jib designed to easily fit onto standard forklifts to make lifting and moving heavy goods easy.

Block Extractor Hire

With an adjustable opening range between 90 and 270 mm without tools, and universal for all block formations, the Block Extractor is designed with special blades to enable an operator to extract single blocks that have been in-situ for long periods of time.

Heavy Duty Goods Carry Cage Hire

Made with a sturdy steel construction and fitted with four fully tested corner lugs for use with crane.

Lifting Hire Nationwide

If you’re looking for low cost Lifting Hire, call our PASMA trained hire equipment desk team. They have the knowledge to help you find the right lifting tool for the job.

You don’t need a large corporate account or be a regular hirer to qualify for discount rates here at hire equipment desk. We continue to be up to 69% cheaper than all other hirer companies for a wide range of powered access platforms and lifting right equipment.

With depots all over the UK, we can supply lifting right equipment nationwide the very next day. Order before 3pm today and you can take delivery as soon as tomorrow morning.

For a hassle free solution, hire today or give us a call on 0808 115 1064 or order online for Lifting Hire.

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